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Facilities Task Force Steering Committee

date 09/23/2015 author Brian Phillips category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

We continue to meet with our Facilities Task Force Committee to keep the growth project moving forward.  At our last meeting the Task Force discussed the project and set the identified seven priorities in to the three options.  The architects are working on creating a single project with all the identified spaces, but then break it down into three options.  That way we can test market the entire project and be able to discuss three different options with our stakeholders.  The Three options are broken down into High, Medium and Low in regards to costs and tax impacts. Option 1 (low) is the six classrooms with a shop area, with a commons area and a new kitchen.  Option 2 (medium) is all that is included in option 1 and a gymnasium with a fitness center and a possible walking track.  Option 3 (high) will include everything in options 1 &2 and will include a Performing Arts Center.  

The Committee members also got a chance to do a walkthrough the building to see for themselves the space program limitations and deficiencies. 

This week the Committee meets again to review the identified upgrades to the existing facility.  As part of the whole project, the document identifies what upgrades are needed according to codes, or a general re-purposing of existing spaces based on what is approved in the new addition.  

We are expecting to see the plans and drawings sometime in late December. We will be using our Thought Exchange system of surveys at that time to hear form our stakeholders in regards to the options for the building project.  

This Fall we will send out our second survey that is a follow-up from our first survey taken in May.  The leadership team wil be drilling down into the survey results and identify key areas that need to be addressed. Our intent is to keep the community engaged in the process of a dialog with the school district.  Your responses have provided great insight to where we should be heading as a district.   Please look for the next survey to be sent out this Fall.  The survey again will be a check in type of survey that has open ended questions that are now focused on what was shared in the first survey.  This process will help in guiding the planning in a number of areas such as facilities planning etc.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this update.  I invite your comment.  Have a great day!

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