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Building Update March 2015

date 03/10/2015 author Brian Phillips category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Yes the rumor is true!  Thirty or so of us met on March 4th and after two hours of discussion, we decided to move in the direction of buying land and building a brand new school.  It seemed like a no-brainer.  Our cost estimate for the addition with the upgrades was coming in around $34 million.  The cost for a brand new K-12  school for 500 students was in the same ballpark.  That was a week ago.  Since then, we have had a couple more meetings and have listened to additional insight from community members as to what we were planning.  I personally needed to take a step back from the project and truly listen to what people were trying to tell me. They were telling me that this school is special and it is held in high regard to many generations of families who have come and gone from this building. Yes it's aging, but nobody wants to see it razed to the ground.  
  I have to admit, I'm personally involved in this project.  It's not my project! I have to remind myself of that fact once in a while.   This is truly a community project.  We started the process with the genuine desire to present a building project that would meet the needs of our students and be something the community would support.  
  I think we have come to the right conclusion regarding the project.  We have decided to scale back the project and return to our original idea to add on to the existing facility. We need to crunch some final numbers but I believe we are getting closer to being able to have public meetings to discuss the proposed project.  The project includes:  A theater with 500 seats, a commons area with a kitchen, 8-12 classrooms and upgrades to the existing facility.  We are hopeful to keep the project costs under $20 million.  We are excited to reveal the project and what it could mean for our school and community.  We were successful in reducing the project costs from $34 million to under $20 million.  We are still planning on a bond vote in August.  We are discussing the possibility of going back to the voters in November to look at an increase in our operating levy.   The request to increase our operating levy is needed regardless if the building bond passes or not.   
   I personally want to thank everyone who have contributed of their time and energies to sit in on meetings to discuss this project. I want to thank the citizens of our district for their patience in this process.  We hope to ramp up our public meetings soon and have all the information on hand to answer your questions- such as; why do we need an addition?  have we studied this from all angles?  what will be the tax impact?  
Thank you for reading this and please feel free to comment.  

post under : Facilities Task Force Steering CommitteeMoving forward with the planning of the building project- Building Bond Referendum - Spring of 2016. Exciting news! "Setting Sail"

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