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Additions and changes to programs....

date 02/03/2015 author Brian Phillips category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

We continue to move forward with the planning of the new addition.  The project is coming in a little higher than we expected.  The Facilities and Grounds Committee has the responsibility to review the project and make decisions regarding the scope of the project we want to present to the public. The project came in at an estimated $34 million.  We are having the tax impact analyzed before we make any further decisions.  The part that makes this a little harder for our district is the fact that we haven't had any debt for a number of years.  The easiest way to explain what I mean is to compare our district to a different district.  Let's say that they (the other district) has been paying $450 in taxes and the new $34 million project is going to cost them $500...they can restructure their debt over twenty years and tell the public that the new building will only increase their taxes by $50 per year.  True!  If Cleveland approves an increase of $450...and since we are staring at 0...that means an increase of $450 per year.  Since we don't have any debt to restructure it looks like we had a huge spike in our taxes.  True!  We have had the lowest taxes in the area for ten years and we have paid off our debts.  Now...that was only an example and we are not planning on raising taxes by $450.  We are planning a number of community meetings to find out what our community wants and what they are willing to support.  The proposed final project should be what the community wants and what they are willing to support.  This isn't my's not intended to meet the needs of my kids.  My kids have graduated...this project is about what Cleveland wants...and what our future kids will need.  

post under : Building Update March 2015Facilities Task Force Steering CommitteeMoving forward with the planning of the building project- Building Bond Referendum - Spring of 2016.

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