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Building Addition

date 04/04/2014 author Brian Phillips category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Good Morning: This is my first blog.  I would like to do a series of blogs over the next several months in  regards to the proposed school building additions.   I have been meeting with the Mayor and other City Officials to discuss a collaboration with the city as we move forward with the new building addition.  Family and Community Engagement is a critical component of the district's growth plan.  The future of the Cleveland Community and the School are inextricably linked.  We haven't decided yet on a name for our campaign but our goals are to form a partnership as we move forward with the addition.  Instead of building a new gym, we want to build a community center.  We want to ensure that the new facilities will meet the needs of all of our residents.  The community center will have a walking track and a fitness center that can be accessed by our residents.  We want to build a community theater.  It will serve as a central place to have performances from our students but also serve as a community theater for community plays etc.  We are putting together a survey to hear what our community members have to say about this proposed project.  We will listen and use the feedback we get to fine tune our plan and project.  Once we have a plan, we will conduct community meetings to ensure that we have ongoing open two way dialogues with all parties.  We share a responsibility to maximize the return on investment of our community's time, talent and treasure in supporting positive outcomes for our students, children and families. 
I invite your comments regarding this proposed growth plan for our community and district.  Have a great day!

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